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Auto parts replacement points

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First, try to use sealant, if necessary, can paint to achieve the desired sealing effect Replacement;
Secondly, the former rubber seals assembly should carefully check the appearance quality; the use of specialized tools to press-fit, avoid beating deformation;
Third, according to the provisions of grease filling, regular cleaning to clear the air vent and check valves and the like;
Fourth, in extremely clean conditions for assembly, part work surface no bump, no scratches, burrs and other fixtures;
Fifth, strict rules, the seal should be properly installed, is not in place to prevent deformation;
Sixth, the master performance specifications and usage requirements seals, timely replacement of failed parts;
Seventh, the side cover class thin-walled parts, the use of sheet metal cold make correction; easily worn shaft hole type parts can be metallized, repair welding, gluing, machining and other processes in order to achieve the original size;
Eighth, broken wire nut slip buckle, loose should be repaired or replaced with new parts, and tighten to the specified torque.