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Engine cylinder tightness testing

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2015-11-2 17:51:05 Hits:1209
Factors affecting the tightness of the cylinder has seven, the main cylinder wear, piston ring damage, piston wear, damage the valve seat and valve guide wear, several aspects of the cylinder head gasket is damaged, the valve clearance and other issues.
Commonly used diagnostic method which Nigeria? There are measuring cylinder pressure, crankcase channeling gas cylinder gas leakage and leakage rate, intake manifold vacuum, cylinder piston group because of excessive wear caused by vibration measurement of large abnormal sound, the crankcase wear metal particle content Determination.
For measuring cylinder compression pressure, the main pressure four-stroke engine compression, end of. Since the cylinder under pressure and viscosity of the oil and cylinder piston groups, etc. with the case, adjust the valve mechanism is correct cylinder head gasket sealing and other factors, therefore, in the measurement of engine cylinder pressure, can diagnose cylinder piston group sealed case, if the piston rings, valves, cylinder head gasket sealing, if good, then the valve clearance must be appropriate.